Verified Data Analytics: Leading the Way in Data Collection and Reporting Across Industries

We are paving the way for a revolution in property evaluations. Traditional evaluations no longer cut it; they’re slow, inefficient and unsafe. Let us show you what’s next. We provide you with the data analytics necessary to enable more efficient, more accurate and safer property evaluations.

Our drone technology, data analysis and reporting capabilities position us as a key partner for professionals across a variety of industries. From insurance adjusters and third party admins to home inspectors, construction contractors, real estate professionals and more, Verified Data Analytics is here to revolutionize your business operation with the power of data. By collecting data and using drones for property evaluations and insurance claims management, you expedite your processes, eliminate guesswork and enable increased safety standards.

The Verified Data Analytics Story

In 2017, we began investigating potential opportunities for drone solutions in various industries. At the time, we focused on applications for a midwest roofing company, Superstorm Restoration. We invested in one Kespry drone system and started performing drone roof inspections. This was a large and risky investment, and we weren’t sure whether it would be a valuable business tool or just a marketing gimmick.

Almost immediately, we could see the true value of drone inspection services. The drone roof inspection process was much faster and safer than our traditional methods. Using our drone, we began collecting key roof data, and we created reports using the new drone software capabilities such as roof wire framing and hail detection features.

By 2018, our drone fleet grew, and we integrated drone technology into our day-to-day business operations. By the beginning of 2020, we had flown over 700 drone property evaluations, and our drones had become an integral part of our reporting and estimating process.

Our expertise is built on years of experience and verified data from hundreds of drone roof inspections. We are confident about the proven value of drone roof inspections, and we are excited to see drone capabilities and application opportunities continue to expand and reach additional industries.

Our Data Collection Process

Verified Data Analytics drones are fully autonomous; our drone software enables flight path and flight height planning. Drone operators don’t need to know how to pilot a drone because the flight is fully programmed before take-off.

After the operator initiates the one-touch take-off, our drones fly along the pre-planned flight path, capturing high-resolution images and videos. This data is instantly uploaded to the Kespry Cloud, where it is stored for easy access. Users can capture additional data and imagery by walking the perimeter of a property with a camera. These images can help create a more robust 3D model of a home, and they can assist with identifying damage to siding, gutters and other exterior home features.

These data capture methods and reporting options are just the tip of the iceberg. We provide unlimited access to data, and our software can produce reports for a variety of metrics and measurements. You’ll have the data you need quickly, and you’ll often be able to analyze imagery and compile damage reports while still onsite.

Adding Value with Verified Data Analytics

After collecting data from hundreds of drone roof inspections, we realized how valuable drone analytics are, and we recognized dozens of potential opportunities for application. We have identified specific opportunities to provide drone solutions for insurance claims management and home inspections, but we’re always looking for ways to expand our services into other industries.

Third party administrators find success using our drones for insurance claims inspections. Drone roof inspections enable more accurate data collection and accelerated claims processing. Independent insurance adjusters experience similar benefits when utilizing drones for insurance inspections. Home inspectors consistently see increased customer satisfaction and more accurate damage detection when using drones for property inspections.

In addition to the benefits for those specific audiences and applications, Verified Data Analytics drones enable general increased safety for all involved in a property evaluation or roof inspection. When inspections are conducted by a fully automated drone, there is no longer any need for contractors or inspectors to climb on a roof. This eliminates the risk for injury or further property damage, especially when roof conditions may already be poor.

Drone roof inspections are also faster than traditional roof inspections, allowing for less downtime and more efficient workflow.

The Future of Drone Data and Analytics

Drone inspection services will quickly become standard practice across many different industries. Drone data provides insights and accuracy unmatched by data from manual surveying and traditional inspection techniques. Become an early adopter of drone roof inspection technology, and stand out among your competitors. Reach out to us if you have questions about how property inspection drones could revolutionize your business operations.