A Home Inspector’s Future: Using Drones For Property Inspections

Homeowners, homebuyers, mortgage lenders and insurance professionals all rely on home inspectors, but the traditional property inspection process isn’t always safe, efficient or accurate. At Verified Data Analytics, we recommend using a drone for home inspections because drones enable a safer, more accurate and more thorough inspection experience from start to finish.

Drones are just the beginning. We use a variety of data collection and reporting methods in order to provide more robust home inspection information. This includes tactics such as walking inspections, where a surveyor circles a property’s entire exterior and captures high-resolution images on the ground level. Adding ground floor photos to drone captures can provide a 3D view of the whole house. Our software applications enable a wide variety of data collection and reports, so the sky is the limit when it comes to analytics capabilities.

3 Reasons to Use a Drone for Home Inspections

1. Perform Safer Home Inspections

Traditional home inspections require inspectors to climb up on the roof, creating potentially unsafe conditions for both the inspector and the roof. Roof surfaces can often be slippery, and walking on the roof creates risk for falls and injuries. If a roof has weak or damaged areas, inspectors risk further damage and injury.

The best way to avoid the hazards associated with traditional home inspections is to replace the traditional methods with a drone home inspection. Using drones for property inspections requires no ladders or safety restraints. In fact, drones allow inspectors to avoid climbing up on the roof at all, while still providing powerful insights about the condition of the home’s exterior.

When you use a Verified Data Analytics drone powered by Kespry, simply plan the flight path and altitude on a tablet and press one button to begin the automated home inspection process. The drone flies itself, taking high-resolution photos of the property and transmitting them to the control tablet almost instantaneously. That means you can still provide real time insights to your clients.

Tablet displaying roof damage software.

2. Receive Essential Feedback Faster

During a property evaluation, the home inspection drone conducts its flight quickly and autonomously. Actionable data and insights are available right after the drone completes its inspection. The operator downloads HD roof photos and can even use images and measurements to create 3D composite renderings of rooftop slopes and surfaces. The drone software enables easy annotations and notes, so an inspector can begin creating a damage report without leaving the property.

When a home inspector conducts a roof inspection, multiple parties are likely waiting for the results: homeowners, homebuyers, lenders and insurance professionals. Damage reports from a home inspection drone are required in order to move forward with the inspection process, and Verified Data Analytics drones, powered by Kespry, enable easy, efficient reporting.

3. Document and Report Damage with Assurance

Using a drone for home inspections is safer and faster than traditional home evaluation methods, and with our drones, you’ll receive powerful data insights. When you partner with Verified Data Analytics, you’ll have confidence when providing your clients with visual, data-driven reports about the health of their roof.

Powering Drones for Property Inspections

Our drones are powered by Kespry, an industry leader in drone innovation. The Kespry drone platform combines cutting-edge drone hardware with software solutions designed for efficiency and precision. Explore advanced platform components of our drones for property inspections:

  • Fully autonomous drone equipped with built-in obstacle avoidance capabilities
  • User-friendly flight app to plan drone’s flight path and altitude
  • Pre-flight checklist ensures flight safety
  • Software enables 2D and 3D rendering of roofing and property exterior to show damage around home
  • Unlimited access to cloud storage eliminates need for SD cards
  • DIY measurement software facilitates accurate analysis
  • Accelerated image processing and downloading allows users to create reports while still onsite

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It won’t be long before traditional home inspections are a thing of the past. Home inspection drones are the way of the future. If you want to learn more about how partnering with us could change the way you do business, reach out today.