Advanced Data Collection and Drones For Insurance Adjusters

Independent insurance adjusters are tasked with important goals: confirm a claimant’s coverage details, investigate the claim, evaluate the damage, advise on paying out the claim and close the case. During this process, they are focused on accuracy and efficiency. Conducting a thorough property inspection is an especially important part of resolving cases quickly and without dispute.

Manual inspections can be slow, inaccurate and unsafe, so using a drone for insurance inspections is a great solution. We also enable alternative data collection methods, such as ground-level image capturing during a walking survey. All of this data is promptly provided to users so they can use layers of data to create visualizations for their data reports.

Explore the Advantages of Using A Drone for Insurance Inspections

1. Expedited Property Inspections

The slow process of arranging and executing manual roof inspections can create a bottleneck in the property casualty insurance claim process. Using a drone for insurance inspections eliminates the need for manual inspections. A single operator can complete a full roof inspection in minutes, and no ladders or extra equipment are needed.

When partnering with Verified Data Analytics, a drone operator doesn’t even need to pilot the drone. The operator plans the drone’s flight path beforehand, and that path is transmitted wirelessly from the tablet controller to the drone. The operator then simply presses a button, and the drone takes off and completes the inspection autonomously, collecting high-definition photos and roof data as it flies.

This simple, efficient process allows independent adjusters to maximize the number of inspections they can complete in a day, allowing them to take on a greater caseload without burdening their schedules.

2. Accurate, Unbiased Reports

As they conduct their investigations, independent adjusters need to gather facts to ensure that property damage is neither overexaggerated or undervalued. It’s essential for adjusters to determine liability and see that claims are paid out appropriately.

With Verified Data Analytics drones, powered by Kespry, comprehensive inspection photos and data are available immediately following the drone roof inspection. While viewing high-resolution images of roof surfaces, an adjuster can begin adding notes and annotations regarding damage.

We also provide retroactive storm reports, so adjusters can verify when a storm occurred and what coverage the homeowner held at the time.

Drone operator viewing roof data on tablet.

With drones for insurance companies and adjusters, claim evaluations become more efficient and more thorough. Data reports are clearer, and opportunities for dispute are minimized or eliminated.

3. Improved Experience for Adjusters, Claimants and Insurance Companies

Using Verified Data Analytics drones for insurance adjusters’ evaluations provides an overall better experience for all parties.

  • Independent adjusters perform faster, more efficient inspections, and they receive more comprehensive and consistent data.
  • Claimants receive results from their inspections faster, and their claims are paid sooner.
  • Insurance companies have better inspection data and documentation and more accurate processes for policy underwriting and claims payouts.

Powering the Best Drones For Insurance Adjusters

Our drones are powered by Kespry, a leader in the drone solutions industry. The Kespry platform is advanced, combining high-tech drone hardware with robust software solutions designed to maximize accuracy and quality. Explore platform components of our drones for insurance inspections:

  • Self-piloting drone
  • Automatic obstacle avoidance
  • App for planning automated drone flight path and altitude
  • Pre-flight checklist
  • 2D and 3D rendering software to model damage around home exterior, including roofing and siding
  • Unlimited cloud storage — no need for SD cards or other data storage
  • Measurement software allows drones to provide accurate roof dimensions
  • Onsite reporting with fast image processing and downloading speeds

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