Powering Third Party Administrators With Drones For Claims Inspections

Third party administrators play a key role in the property casualty insurance industry, and their success is often determined by their efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction. The property evaluation process can be tedious for claims adjusters, clients and customers. It can also be dangerous for contracted roof inspectors or insurance adjusters.

The solution is simple: drone inspection services, backed by powerful data analytics and reports on property and roof conditions. Using drones for claims inspections brings a holistic approach to improving the property casualty inspection process.

Our drones are just one tool we use to collect data for our advanced damage reports. We use a variety of data capture methods to enable thorough and accurate claims inspection reports. For example, use data from walking inspections, where a surveyor walks around the building’s exterior and uses a camera to record high-resolution images on the ground floor. Together with drone imagery, these photos can provide a 3D view of the whole house.

Our high-tech software allows for diverse data collection, so there’s no limit to our analytics and reporting capabilities.

Top 3 Benefits of Using Drones and Advanced Data for Claims Inspections

1. Conduct Safer, More Comprehensive Roof Evaluations

Drone inspection services are safer and faster than traditional roof inspections, and drones can record information about roof sections that are difficult to measure with manual techniques. With a drone roof inspection, one operator can complete the entire evaluation process in minutes. An autonomous drone captures high-resolution photos and calculates rooftop dimensions while the operator avoids the hazards associated with climbing on a roof.

Users can layer drone data with data collected from other cameras, sensors and other sources. Layering various data points allows users to create powerful reports full of detailed images, models, charts and other data visualizations. The more data you collect, the more complete your damage report is.

2. Receive More Accurate Data and Damage Insights

While manual measurements are subject to human error, drone data is highly accurate. Verified Data Analytics uses drones powered by Kespry’s aerial intelligence platform. By using advanced drones for insurance claims management, third party administrators can receive data almost instantly after an inspection and generate thorough damage reports in minutes.

3. Accelerate the Claims Process

Our drone software for insurance is optimized with features unique to the insurance industry. While still at the property, the drone operator can view high-resolution images and 3D models of the rooftop, instantly can tag damaged areas and utilize virtual test squares to assess overall roof damage. Powered by various data collection and reporting solutions, these software applications provide valuable insights and damage visualizations for insurance claim cases.

With Verified Data Analytics, the fast and simple drone inspection services enable adjusters and inspectors to quickly collect the data they need to generate reports. There’s no need to wait around during this process, so claims cases are completed in record time. Reports are reliable and backed by robust data and HD imagery, eliminating the need for clarifications or second opinions. We deliver powerful data so you can avoid disputes and complaints.

Kespry-Powered Drones For Insurance Claims

Our drone solution is powered by Kespry, an industry leader in drone innovation. The Kespry drone platform combines advanced drone hardware with software solutions designed for increased efficiency and accuracy. Explore the technical platform components and advanced capabilities of our drones for property inspections:

  • Fully autonomous drone
  • Durable drone hardware with built-in obstacle avoidance
  • Simple, user-friendly iPad app to plan the drone’s flight path and altitude preferences
  • Pre-flight checklist keeps drones and operators safe
  • Software application enables 2D and 3D roof rendering and property exterior models, effectively displaying damaged areas around the home
  • No need for SD cards or external storage solutions — You’ll have unlimited access to cloud storage
  • Precision measurement software facilitates accurate reporting and record-keeping
  • Fast image processing and downloading enables accelerated data analysis and reporting

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Partnered with our hardware interfaces and drone software for insurance claims management, our advanced data reports are revolutionizing the insurance industry and claims process. You’ll truly see your business reach its full potential when you start using advanced data collection and drones for claims inspections. If you’d like more information about using our drones for insurance claims management, reach out to us.